The Committee for Social and Political Action

A Brief History of the Committee for Social and Political Action

The Committee for Social and Political Action was created out of SEPB-Québec’s new structure. It began as the initiative of certain Locals (434, 573, 574, 578), who’d decided to create such a committee within their decision-making body. Soon after, these committees decided to work together by uniting their strengths and efforts. The committee was therefore informal within the structure of SEPB-Québec.

The committee’s first mandate was to create a network between different players in the union community both on the national and international stage. Through the use of information and educational tools, their aim is to increase awareness and mobilise members to act upon different issues such as the environment, social economy, international solidarity and national politics.

Over the last three years, several activities sponsored by participating Locals have been held. Other Locals of SEPB-Québec, as well as various organizations with which the committee is affiliated have also been invited to take part.

Since June 2nd, 2006, SEPB-Québec has officially recognized the Committee for Social and Political Action as a permanent committee in the Québec structure, ensuring the continuation of activities already begun.


The Committee for Social and Political Action’s prime goal is to urge members and leaders of SEPB-Québec Locals to reflect upon current social and political issues at both local and international levels. The committee does not intend to force upon people what to think, but rather to encourage thought and thereby incite each one to contribute in their own way towards the position and direction the entire union movement must take on issues that are important to the quality of life and working conditions of all union members.

To accomplish this mandate, we have identified 4 important areas in which to direct our energies:

1. Environment

2. Globalization – international solidarity

3. Social economy

4. Political debate


  • Political debates (Between individuals of different alliances)
  • Workshops (example: meeting with authors or producers of works or films on a subjects of interest)

The Committee for Social and Political Action is an essential platform upon which our unions and their members can debate the social and political stakes of our society.

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