SEPB-Québec locals

SEPB-Québec has some 15,000 members in 13 locals with a grand total of over 300 bargaining units.

Our Union has members in many sectors of Quebec’s economy, both private and public.

Local 434 represents all the employees of the Laurentian Bank, the only unionized bank in Canada as well as employees of CIBC-Visa in Montréal.

Local 480 represent employees in the Paper and Chemical Industry in the Hull/Ottawa region of Québec.

Local 463‘s members are the office, technical ans sale representatives employees of Gaz Métro and Gaz Métropolitain Plus.

Local 526 is made up of 8 bargaining units in the Industrial Sector of the Northern and Eastern Québec.

Local 571 is composed of professionals at various employers. Amongst others, members of this local are lawyers, engineers, notaries and architects.

The employees of the Quebec Construction Commission (Commission de la Construction du Québec-C.C.Q.) are members of local 573.

Local 574 has bargaining units of a varied group of employers in the services and industrial sector. Some examples of these are the employees of Groupe Pages Jaunes, Croix Bleue, different offices of Centraide, collège Lasalle, collège Notre-Dame, Culinar Canada, La Presse newspaper, librairies Renaud-Bray, Natrel, Novabus, Papier Cascades, société de transport de l’Outaouis, employees of various unions, Société Trader, employees of various organisations and services.

Local 575, our largest local, is composed of 128 bargaining units of the Movement Desjardins throught Québec, both Caisses Populaires and Credit Unions, as well as other Desjardins entreprises such as Dessjardins sécurité Financière, Fiducie Desjardins, Caisse Centrale Desjardins, Desjardins Gestion d’Actifs and the Federation itself.

Employees of two anglophone south shore school Board, Riverside and New Frontiers makeup local 576.

Local 577 represents the employees of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier anglophone school board north of Montréal.

Local 578 represents the employees of the Marie-Victorin francophone school board on the south shore of Montréal.

The employees of the Marguerite-Bourgeoys francophone school board in the centre and west of Montréal belong to local 579.

Local 610 represents professionals such as engineers, computer and financial analysts, lawyers and accountants at Société des transports de Montréal

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