Providing services

SEPB-Québec and collective bargaining
SEPB-Québec offers the services of experienced representatives to help members prepare for collective bargaining, to act as the spokesperson during negotiations and conciliation, and to advise members on strategies and tactics.

SEPB-Québec and grievances
Representatives of SEPB-Québec help members with the preparation and wording of grievances and participate in discussions with employers in order to settle problems.

SEPB-Québec and arbitrations
SEPB-Québec provides the expertise necessary in order to decide whether or not to bring a grievance forward to arbitration. Representatives are there to help executives prepare files for the counsel who will be presenting the case in arbitration.

SEPB-Québec and fringe benefits
When members seek to improve their working conditions in the area of group insurance or pension plans, our representatives are able to furnish the necessary expertise.

SEPB-Québec and legal services
Our members benefit from the services of a full time legal staff made up of lawyers and representatives who specialize in Labour Law. When it is needed, our members are always assured of appropriate legal representation, whether it be in arbitration, on health and safety, employment insurance or human rights issues.

SEPB-Québec and information
Through our regular publications and our Web site (, SEPB-Québec keeps members informed on all types of activities. When needed, press conferences are organized and communiqués are sent out in order to inform the general population on particular issues.

SEPB-Québec and education
SEPB-Québec regularly organizes education and training sessions in order to properly equip our rank and file leaders. Courses cover areas as negotiations, grievance preparation, the role of the shop steward, health and safety at work and women’s rights.

Often, those SEPB-Québec locals that are affiliated register their members for education sessions provided by affiliates such as the FTQ, Regional Labour Councils and the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC).

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