Peace, Joy and Solidarity Happy Holidays to All!


2008 has been a busy and exciting year filled with activities for SEPB-Québec, its committees, its Locals and their members. Aside from our daily activities of representation, education, information and negotiation there were many other activities. Among them was the International Women’s Day activity, activities of the Lifestyle Issues Network, the Political and Social Action Committee, the Health and Safety Committee, educational training sessions covering 17 different programs attended by 700 members, as well as the Annual SEPB-Québec meeting.

Organizing activities were highlighted by the signing of a unique agreement with CAW-Québec creating a new dynamic for union organizing, the hiring of an additional staff rep. under the COPE SEPB National Organizing Program to providing us with the resources to recruit new members and undertake a number of other activities tied to organizing.

In the public sector, along with two other FTQ affiliates we set up a Task Force on Day Care Services in schools.

SEPB-Québec has also been in the forefront of the ongoing Health Care campaign aimed at preserving a free, public, universal Health Care System in Quebec.

At Desjardins a great many of our groups negotiating have come to agreements and the work of the Pay Equity Committees has moved forward significantly.

On the political front, we followed an exciting and historic election in the United States, while here at home we participated in less exciting, but nevertheless important elections on the federal and provincial levels that unfortunately resulted in the election of conservative governments. The formation of an NDP-Liberal-Bloc Coalition on the federal scene aimed at replacing Stephen Harper’s Conservatives has raised hopes of change for progressives.

On the economic front the news has not been good as we confront the worst worldwide economic crisis since the Great Depression of 1929. 2009 will have its challenges, but together we can prevail to come out of the crisis stronger, more united and determined than ever.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our SEPB members in Québec who have worked so hard for the advancement of our union.

While the Holiday Season is a time for festivities and a time to think of family and friends, let’s not forget that we also have responsibilities as consumers. We invite you to browse our page “Ethical Sourcing”.

On behalf of the Executive Board members and staff at the SEPB-Québec, we wish all our members, their friends and family a safe and enjoyable festive season and all the best for 2009!