Our logo

The new image of SEPB-Québec clearly states the present nature of our union, its presence in the debates emerging from today’s society, its actions in the contemporary world.

The decisively modern forms, the luminous colours, the movement and direction of the design, and the choice of fonts evoke the dynamism of our organization as well as its fidelity to the traditional values that make the labour movement.

The forms

Here are two curtailed triangles (imagine they represent the two groups — professionals and support staff — that compose SEPB-Québec) with some complementary sides. United in a flowing curve, they are tending in a upward and forward movement to a red circle; symbol of unity.

This design is reminiscent of the “arrow” of the FTQ to which most of our Local unions are affiliated. A stylized form of the quill and ink drop also emerges, which makes reference to the main working tool of our members.

The main symbol is integrated within the light frame suggesting that our union is a place for meeting and for concertation and defines the frame within which action is elaborated. The form nevertheless extends beyond the frame aiming at a goal that is higher to itself.


Even though it definitely looks contemporary, the font chosen — Vendome — unmistakably indicates its origin which goes back to the 18th century. Similarly, while SEPB-Québec is most certainly a modern union in its ideas and its actions it is also respectful of its historic mission.

A word for other local unions

The layout of the new logo allows for other local unions of the SEPB to use the same basic design for identification purposes; all is needed is to put in its own acronym.




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