Our financing

Meeting our needs

Union dues are set according to the needs and priorities of the members of your local. Dues are divided into two parts, first those remitted to your local, and secondly, those remitted to SEPB-Québec. As a rule, members remit less than two cents per dollar earned.

Your local

Less than a penny per dollar earned stays with your local. These monies are used for the daily operations of your local (rent, telephone, fax, mail, hall rentals, committees, reimbursement of lost wages and expenses). It is also used to cover the cost of training of union delegates and attendance of delegates at seminars and conventions.


Union dues are adopted by delegates of the locals at the SEPB-Québec convention which is held once every three years. The delegates also vote on how the money will be spent by SEPB-Québec during the following three years. Less than a penny per dollar earned goes to SEPB-Québec to cover the following expenses :

.Providing services to our members

Costs related to operating our offices (rent, office equipment, telephones, etc.).

Costs related to the wages and benefits of the professional staff who are there to work with you and for you in attaining better working conditions and a better life for all.

Costs related to providing our members with the best legal services possible in the defence of our working conditions.

Costs related to the officer and steward training and education sessions provided by SEPB-Québec, as well as information services (newspaper, communiqués and information sheets, Web site, etc.).

And remember, the major portion of SEPB-Québec’s budget goes to services for our members.

.Defence, strike and lock-out fund

A portion of the dues remitted to SEPB-Québec goes directly into the COPE/SEPB defence, strike and lock-out fund in order to insure that each and every SEPB-Québec member has the financial backing necessary with which to defend their jobs.


Out of the dues remitted to SEPB-Québec, a portion is used to pay affiliation fees to the labour movement when applicable (FTQ-COPE/SEPB-CLC) in this way assuring us that the interests of our members are front and center at the provincial, national and international levels.




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