Our affiliations

COPE / SEPB Québec locals are part of the larger labour movement. Our many affiliations link us to labour organizations dedicated to defending and promoting the interests of working people.

Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec – FTQ
(The Québec Federation of Labour – QFL)

The FTQ is by far the largest union Federation in Québec, with over 500 000 affiliated members. It’s objectives are the promotion of the interests of its affiliated unions and working towards the social, cultural, economic and political well-being of all workers throughout Québec. The FTQ offers its many services to its affiliates and provides us with the dynamic leadership needed to defend the interests of all FTQ members wherever they may be and wherever necessary. Almost all SEPB-Québec locals are affiliated to the FTQ. One of the FTQ vice-presidencies is filled by the SEPB-Québec Director.

The Regional Labour Councils

FTQ Regional Labour Councils represent an ideal forum for the lively discussion and debate of regional union activities. Regional Labour Councils serve to inform our members and provide the help needed in order to support workers within a region. Through the Regional Labour councils alliances with community groups and other activists are developed. Every SEPB-Québec local admissible is urged to join the Regional Labour councils in all regions where they have members.

The Canadian Labour Congress – CLC

The CLC represents some 2.5 million unionized workers across Canada. The CLC is labour’s voice in Canada and is involved with many other organizations fighting for justice and equality. The CLC speaks for workers and their families within Canada as well as abroad. One of the CLC vice-presidencies is held by the COPE/SEPB National President.




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