My Union

SEPB-Québec is a labour union organisation made up of 13 locals with a total of some 20 000 members; mostly office employees, technical employees and professionals.

SEPB-Québec is part of the Canadian Office and Professionnal Employees’ Union (COPE/SEPB), a labour union established in Canada since 1933. In 1945 the first Quebec local, Local 57, was founded in Montréal as a union local affiliated to the Québec Federation of Labour (QFL/FTQ).

SEPB-Québec and its local unions objectives include the study, safeguard and promotion of the economic, educational, cultural and social interests of our members, especially in collective bargaining activities and the enforcement of collective agreements.

Our role is to promote pay equity, equality for women and to bring better working conditions to all workers. We are a dynamic and diverse group with members in different economic sectors. We are proud of the determination and the strenght of our union.

It is also important to point out that a full 75 % of our members are women. We are a people-oriented union in touch with the rights, the needs and the interests of our members.


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