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News letter march 2006

The new Web site launched this week by SEPB-Québec will give Local 576 Units of New Frontiers and Riverside a place to publicize information to the membership.

By clicking on CNSS (Conseil national du secteur scolaire) you will find news bulletins from this committee which is made up of the Anglophone and Francophone school board units of SEPB-Québec. The committee includes representatives from C.S. Marie-Victorin, C.S Marguerite-Bourgeoys, New Frontiers, Riverside and Sir Wilfrid-Laurier units. Bulletins on negotiations will also be publicized here.

Also of interest is the FTQ site which includes the latest press releases from Henri Massé and the Common Front. You can also check out other school board sites such as Local 577, Local 578 and Local 579. They have had some very successful manifestations. Attendance has been fantastic. Some of them are going into their 4th and 5th day of striking.
Riverside Unit will be on strike December 8th and 9th. A bus is also reserved to go to Quebec City on December 8th, the first day of a “Vigil” by the public sector unions. More information will be sent out by Tuesday at the latest. We need to fill a bus to Quebec City and also to man the picket lines within our school board for both the 8th and 9th. Please designate one person as responsible in each school.

We had a short meeting with delegates present at the General Council meeting on Wednesday evening, so those schools whose delegates were present already have some of the information. The remaining schools, please send immediately the name of the person who will be responsible in your school to Johanne Plourde at jplourde@rsb.qc.ca Please include work, home and e-mail address information in the e-mail, of the person who will be the primary contact in your school. Please send Johanne a list of the names of members who have made a commitment to picket within our school board plus a list of the more daring that will go to Quebec City. It is important that you do so in order to help us plan appropriately.

At the General Council meeting, delegates voted to pay $20.00/day to members on the picket lines. The same amount applies to the members going to Quebec City. Required picketing will be for 2 hours. Those members who will picket in the area of the school board, Alternate, ACCESS will have the choice of 2 hours in the morning or 2 hours in the afternoon. The exact times and which schools will be picketed will be confirmed by Tuesday. It is not our intent to picket at every school but mainly to picket in the areas that are most visible to the public. The $20.00 is to defray your expense to get to the picketing location. It is not our intention to have members travel any great distance to a picketing location, so picketing may be done at the school in your area, ex. St. Johns.

Yesterday and today’s Gazette had interesting articles regarding the public sector strikes. Hope you have taken the time to read them. We have the public sentiment as support. Also the ISQ report, wage statistics compiled by a Quebec government agency, confirms what the unions have proclaimed all along, that is, that our wages are below the private sector. We are losing our buying power.

More info from the General Council meeting and organization for the strike days to follow




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