Democracy at work

In our locals

Autonomous local unions are at the very heart of our union democracy. Union affairs are conducted in a way that involves the greatest participation possible of our members and their involvement at every step of the decision making process.

Some locals are single employer locals while others are composite locals made up of numerous certifications or bargaining units of different employers.

All decisions that relate to the election of officers, the objectives to be pursued in negotiations, budgetary considerations and finances, as well as the direction the union will take, are debated and voted on by the members at bargaining unit meetings, local meetings and conventions.

It is a fundamental principle at SEPB-Québec that union democracy be at the very core of our organization and that it be based upon a free and open exchange of ideas.

At the SEPB-Québec executive

The SEPB-Québec executive is made up of the following: a Executive Director, a President, a Treasurer and a Secretary, elected by delegates at the triennial convention of SEPB-Québec. Added to these four (4) positions are Vice-presidents representing the locals.

In our triennial convention

Every three years SEPB-Québec holds a convention. It is there that delegates from all of our locals decide what kind of trade unionism they want. It is to these members that we look for ideas to present at every level of our union structure and of the labour movement.

It is also there that delegates elect the Executive Committee that will ensure that our union is properly administered until the next convention.

At COPE/SEPB: A Canadian Union

All SEPB-Québec locals are chartered by the Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union/Syndicat canadien des employées et employés professionnels et de bureau (COPE/SEPB).

COPE/SEPB has represented workers in Canada since 1933.

COPE/SEPB is made up of tens of thousands of members across Canada. They are divided into locals with nearly 700 bargaining units in many important economic sectors such as: the financial sector, the public and parapublic sector, and the service and industrial sector.

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