A word from the Director

Sistportrait_3ers, brothers,

I am very proud as a woman to have been granted on August 1st, 2016 the SEPB-Québec Executive Director position. Being the first woman holding the reins since its inception, over 70 years ago, speaks a lot about the journey we engage in all together.

My 31 years as Counsellor and Assistant Executive Director at SEPB-Québec and Local 57 allowed me to witness this organisation evolve, close to its members, militant and inclusive.

SEPB-Québec has always been a leader in the fight for a more fair and equal society. Just remembering that during our last convention, a resolution was carried regarding the increase of the minimum wage. FTQ made this matter its favourite topic and during its last General Counsel, last February, all the affiliated unions carried a resolution aiming at launching a vast campaign for the minimum wage’s increase to fifteen dollars ($15.00) in Québec in order to fight against job insecurity and increasing disparities.

Throughout its 13 locals, SEPB-Québec enumerates 16,000+ members across different working environments and is made of 80% of women. SEPB-Québec leads with success several big battles, including the salary equity case for women employed at Desjardins from Local 575. I have at heart to highlight the daily efforts of our militants from our 13 locals, as well as the conduct of permanent committees: women, youth, social & political action (CASP), workplace health & safety (CSST) and training which are the driving force of our organisation.

SEPB-Québec will always be essential to win our union and social fights and to protect the working conditions for its 16,000+ members. I cannot forget to mention the collaboration of the Executive Committee members, the support of the counsellors and administrative teams, as well as the continued endorsement from my colleagues and friends Simon Berlin, past Executive Director, and Pierre Gingras, past Assistant Executive Director and Legal Counsel, who allowed me today to hold the reins of SEPB-Québec.

I am extremely proud to manage the SEPB-Québec team, a dynamic team indeed, with a lot of experience and professionalism. I commit, as SEPB-Québec director and FTQ Vice-President, to represent you well and will forever stay sensitive and concerned to your union concerns.

Together, everything is possible to evolve towards a better world.

In solidarity,

Kateri Lefebvre,

SEPB-Québec Executive Director




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